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Eastbrook Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Readeris a computer program that assesses reading comprehension after your student has finished reading a book. Based on the reading level of the book the student earns AR points. Eastbrook North encourages students read and take tests through various programs. The most popular of which is a school wide field trip to see the Fort Wayne Tincaps play baseball.

How do my students earn points?

• Read books at home and send book titles to school for students to test.
• Classroom teacher reads books to the class and the class takes the test.
• Reading Buddy Program: Readers from the upper grades team with the lower grades to read books and take tests.

Programs and Incentives

Tincaps Game

Once again it is time for the Fort Wayne Tin Caps Reading Program. For those who are unfamiliar with the program, the Tin Caps will give a FREE baseball game ticket to each student who completes the requirements set up by the school.

We have determined the following criteria based on the Accelerated Reader Program. Each student will start at zero points. We will run the program from January 2, 2017, until the end of the day February 24, 2017. During that time period, students must achieve the points for each base in order to advance to the next position.

K & 1 2 points for each base 8 points total

2 & 3 3 points for each base 12 points total

4, 5 & 6 4 points for each base 16 points total

If your child has earned the right to go to the Tin Caps game, we will give you the opportunity to purchase other tickets for your family if you would like to attend also.

Our game date this year is Wednesday, May 10th. Students will be going during the school day like a field trip.

If you have any questions, please let your child’s teacher know, or call the school office.

Year Long Incentives

There is also a year long incentive program for individual students at classroom level. These can be found in the pdf below.

ReadQuest,以前读最东海岸到西海岸,是一个day K12 event that brings students nationwide together to celebrate the power of reading—for fun and discovery. North Staff and students participate in this event and take as many AR tests as possible.

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